What is a Magar?

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What Is a Acme 420 Magar?

Acme 420 Magar Picture Primo and Frodo

How to Light a Magar (Cigar)

Custom Magar Video Coming Soon!

-Here are two different videos of an Acme 420 Magar being smoked!-

These are nothing like what you’ve seen before, if you are not in Colorado chances are you are not talking about the same Cigar Magar that we’ve created! – Keep that in mind!

Simply put, a Magar is a work of art. Truly. It’s one of a kind and it’s %100 natural.

A Magar is the worlds first and only PATENT pending Marijuana Cigar. You may have tried to make one or think you’ve seen one, but you may actually be surprised that what you may have seen or tried to make is NOTHING like what a Acme 420 Magar really is. Yes, there are individuals out there who think they can replicate our process, but no one comes close…

Acme 420 Magars have been around for years and during the past few years the process has come to a stage where it can now be shared with the world, to extend a work of art to every deserving patient out there that’s looking for something remarkably different.

A Magar starts with the highest grade Marijuana strains we can get our hands on then our rollers wrap them in a full suit of Marijuana Fan Leaves. Dried to perfection and Quality Controlled for that work of art that’s smooth to smoke that and leaves you in awe of it’s simply unquestionable high.

Every process is clean to insure that your Magar is never moldy or punctured. Being exposed too many fantastic healers of our time we’ve come across natural ingredients that allows for the cleanest smoking experience you can get your hands on. Let’s see the competition follow in our foot steps.

We pride ourselves in being one of the only Marijuana smoking products that will offer dispensaries new Magars for faultiness or any issues that results in a poor smoking experience.

You deserve one today. Check your dispensary and ask them if they carry Acme 420 Magars.

-Team Acme 420

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6 thoughts on “What is a Magar?

  1. Raphael St. James

    I’ve been following your magars for a few years now. I’m in nyc, dying to try one of them. I truly have to come down there to get one. My online friend, Chloe Villanova is a longer in Colorado. Have to visit all you guys.

  2. Kqrayzie_lovve

    This shit is wack! Don’t waste your money! I went to Downtown Cherry Creek to Caregivers for Life and got me 2 magars vanilla and chocolate because they had a special for Father’s Day. They normally are $35 and they were selling them for $25. So I was like alright ill try these out! But man was that a waste of 50 bucks! I could have gotten a half ounce of shake from there and made 7 fatties that are 10 times more effective! :-(

    1. admin Post author

      First off they’re charging WAY too much money for those and second we are not currently rolling Magars. So if you did buy these they are most likely 4-5 months old! Take back what you have not smoked and get your money back. We guarantee our Magars or your money back. Also thank you for letting us know about this, I’ll pass this along so things get straightened out.

  3. giovanni

    Is there a chance I can find some of these in California? And if not when will it be available here?

    1. admin Post author

      We will re introduce Magars back into Colorado here next month and we’ll be moving to California if not late this year early next year from the predictions of our new equipment and partners. Be sure to like us on our Fan page and we’ll update you from there. Thanks for stopping by!


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